Freitag, Juni 23, 2006

The answer to life

Life is a bunch of cells walking around with a common purpose.

Joe Haldeman


Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006

We are not that important

Some quotes out of the novel I'm reading (and it looks promising):

* A community which cannot or will not realise how insignificant a part of the universe it occupies is not truly civilised.
* The truth never set anyone free.
* The devil you don't know may conquer the one you do.

Brian Aldiss


Donnerstag, Juni 15, 2006


To us, the Pac-Man's lives appear short, cheap, and relatively inconsequential once we discover the overwhelming importance of sex and money. But if we perform a thought experiment and try to occupy a Pac-Man's subjectivity, we will realize that these three short spans are not so short to him. We must allow that each dot eaten takes on a meaning for the Pac-Man that we can barely fathom.

d.b. weiss



I expect people who don't look like me not to be like me, a reasonable expectation, as expectations go; but it makes my mind slow to admit that people who look like me may not be like me.

Ursula Le Guin (Changing Planes)


Donnerstag, Juni 01, 2006

Silence is golden?

Those wo can't talk, and those who can talk but don't, have the great advantage over the rest of us in that they never say anything stupid. This may be why we are convinced that if they spoke they would have something wise to say.

Ursula Le Guin