Donnerstag, März 20, 2008

Mantus - Black Heaven - Sepia

I recently added a link to Mantus, Black Heaven and Sepia. These bands are more than worth checking. Their songs are gothic-rock-metal (Black Heaven is a bit electro) but they also have some nice slow ones. They not only sound good, they've got some great lyrics:

"Bin ich eingesperrt in dem Kerker meiner Phantasie
wo nichts überlebt das von auBen in mich dringen will
denn die Wirklichkeit würd' zerstören die Harmonie
die mich sanft beschützt vor den Menschen und vom Alltagsdrill"
(Kleiner Engel Flügellos - Mantus)

It's about the tension between society and the individual, about Sehnsucht, about Tod, about Liebe, and about relativity of Zeit. "Goodbye Tristesse" by Sepia is a very strong album, it's strong in its whole, and strong in almost every song. Black Heaven has a lot of weak songs, but also - if you search on every album - a lot of good ones; you'll have to pick them individually out of the different albums. Mantus is good on "Zeit muss enden" and "Fremde Welten", but have also good songs on other albums. If you like rock or metal, if you feel society isn't always right, if you're a fan of melancholy, and if you understand a bit german, these are your bands!

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