Samstag, August 19, 2006

Krishnamurti: excerpt from public talk in 1962

I'm not alone in my views on the world. Totally out of the blue, I've stumbled upon some texts by Krishnamurti, and I'm reading them now, but here is an excerpt from one of his public talks in 1962 in London. I guess I will be posting other stuff by him later.

"Actually we are the result of many influences; and intelligence, it seems to me, is that quality which enables the mind to be aware of every influence, or as many as possible, and to walk through them all without becoming entangled in them, without being twisted or impregnated by them. To be constantly aware of influence and throw it off - this, I feel, is the very essence of intelligence.
What is important is to listen to propaganda, to what is being said now, and see directly for yourself what is true and what is false; but this you cannot do according to your evaluations, your likes and dislikes, which are merely the response of your cultural conditioning. Surely to see truly is to see the fact as it is; and this seeing is an immediate thing, it is not a question of time."