Samstag, September 02, 2006

Weakened by Society

Why do we pity people? Why do we feel sorry for our friends or for ourselves? Why can't we just accept the truth about the human situation and get over it. Why can't we get over ourselves? At the end, we can only be what we are. Why not accept that which we are? Do not ask for tears or sympathy... Some quotations in this line of thought:

"I must be that which I am." (VNV Nation)

"Every creature is happiest where it can be itself." (Sherri S. Tepper)

I think most human beings would be able to accept oneself without society. It are the demands of society that makes us think we have to adapt, become something else. In leaving our true self, we become part of a greater whole, a stronger whole, a safer whole, but at the cost of what we really are: egocentric, psychotic, but potentially happy creatures. Society makes the human race a strong one, but weakens the individuals in it. We are not allowed to be egocentric or psychotic - the way we all were born - and therefor the road to happiness is a really messy one.

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Blogger josie said...

I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.

Hunter S Thompson

9:07 nachm.  

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