Freitag, Oktober 19, 2007

Cyborg Attack

I'm not used writing something about music because I find little people really interested in music. Most people let the media decide what they like or don't like. I, myself, listen to various bands on the internet, just blindly listening, and that way I sometimes stumble upon music I really like. One of those bands is Cyborg Attack, and I find myself listening to their last album (see picture) for over a year. I not only like the music (fast EBM/punk) but also the lyrics. The lyrics are about our poisonous society where freedom of thoughts is just an illusion, where the media makes new stars because people want new stars, where we need to take responsibility for our own misery, where we live in a nightmare, where we want to blow things up, where everybody is hungry, and so on. Personally I also like Cyborg Attack because they usually sing in german. And it are mostly the german songs of Cyborg Attack, Blutengel, Cephalgy and Centhron that hold my attention. I find it a pity that most german bands try to sing in English because you can really hear it (misprononciations and crappy lyrics -> just listen to the early Blutengel albums).

To give you a taste of Cyborg Attack, here are some lyrics:

"gedanken sind wie messer an der kehle deiner selbst"

"deutschland sucht den superstar - frisches fleisch für all die massen und den voyeur'isten trieb - heut vergöttern morgen hassen - ja wie schön dass es das gibt"

"dieser alptraum ist dein leben - das opfer bist du selbst - ein sklave deiner gier - die dich am leben hält - du bist in ihr verloren - einen ausweg gibt es nicht - so wirst du weiter sterben - bis dein lebenslicht verlischt"

"welcome in the cycle of violence - to be loved is only a dream - we live in the claws of society - your thoughts are free... is no reality"